Our Crew - Cameron Ross

Year of birth: 1961
Family: Wife and 2 children
Home town: Axvall
Occupation: Managing Director
Personal best: Freshwater salmon: 10.4kg, saltwater salmon: 13.2kg, pike-perch: 6.1kg, char: 4.3kg, freshwater trout: 9.8kg, saltwater trout: 3.6kg
Favourite fishing place: Vänern
Favourite fishing method: Trolling
Favourite baits: VK baitholders, Ismo Magnum spoons and Strike Pro wobblers
Dream fish: Saltwater salmon over 25kg
Fishing days a year: 50-60 days
Try to avoid: Having to be home early on a fishing day
Species I fish: Salmon, trout, char and bleak
Favourite species: Salmon
Certificates: VHF (2008), Inshore Yachtmaster (2008)
Miscellaneous: I come from Australia and have had a real passion for fishing since I was young. Married to a fantastic Swedish lady and we have two wonderful children together.
Cameron Ross