Our Crew - Kenny Jansson

Year of birth: 1951
Nickname: Bolle
Family: 2 children
Home town: Skövde
Occupation: Owner and Managing Director of Restaurant Valle and Vallegrillen
Personal best: Freshwater salmon: 7.2kg, brown trout: 1.6kg, pike: 8.6kg perch: 1.3kg
Favourite fishing place: Lysekil
Favourite fishing method: Jigging for mackerel
Favourite bait: Bleak
Dream fish: Halibut over 50kg
Fishing days a year: 30 - 40 days
Try to avoid: Dishonest people
Species I fish: Salmon, trout, char, mackerel, grayling and pike
Favourite species: Salmon
Miscellaneous: I am very interested in horse trotting and have 3 of my own horses. I own a little apartment house in Skövde and live in one of the apartments myself. One of my biggest duties is running and developing my companies in Skövde. My personal goal the last 10 years has been to go down in weight, but I haven’t been as successful here as I have been in my fishing.
Kenny Jansson