Our Crew - Leif Fredriksson

Year of birth: 1969
Family: Wife and 2 children
Home town: Skultorp
Occupation: Cylinder Head Production Manager at Volvo Powertrain Skövde
Personal best: Saltwater salmon: 13.5kg, saltwater trout: 4.2kg, pike-perch: 2.8kg, char: 3.9kg, freshwater salmon: 9.1kg, freshwater trout: 8.0kg, pike: 11.1kg, perch: 0.9kg
Favourite fishing place: Hjortens Udde
Favourite fishing method: Trolling
Favourite bait: Toby 18g classic
Dream fish: Vänern salmon record over 14kg
Try to avoid: Wild salmon in Vänern
Species I fish: Salmon, trout, char, pike-perch, perch, bleak and mackerel
Favourite species: Salmon
Certificates: Inshore Yachtmaster (1994)
Miscellaneous: I have always been interested in all types of fishing, and boating is something that my family really enjoys. It is therefore not surprising that trolling is dominating my fishing more and more. My son also loves to fish, so that makes prioritising easy.
Leif Fredriksson