Our Crew - Leif Olsson

Year of birth: 1951
Family: 2 children
Home town: Skövde
Occupation: Maintenance Manager at Volvo Powertrain Skövde
Personal best: Freshwater salmon: 9.9kg, pike-perch: 4.4kg, char: 3.5kg, freshwater trout: 7.4kg, pike: 8.6kg, perch: 1.1kg, grayling: 1.2kg, cod: 6.8kg
Favourite fishing place: Vindelälven
Favourite fishing method: Fly-fishing in running rivers
Favourite bait: Rackelhannens svärfar
Dream fish: Salmon over 25kg
Fishing days a year: 40 - 50 days
Try to avoid: Dishonest people
Species I fish: Salmon, trout, char, mackerel, grayling, perch and cod
Favourite species: Salmon
Miscellaneous: I own a little apartment house in Skövde and live in one of the apartments myself. My girlfriend who lives in Åmål also has fishing as her hobby. I have a holiday house outside of Lysekil where I like to spend time fishing in the summer.
Leif Olsson